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Our Story

Robin Dement 
Hello, my name is Robin Dement.  I'm a mother of three; grandmother of seven and I am a self-taught knitter.  I originally started this as a hobby, but soon wanted to make it my profession.   I joined a craft shop to make that a reality and there I met Red (Christy Baer).  Together we decided to own a business selling our wares. My goal in life is to sell my knitting and help aspiring crafters achieve their goals
Christy "Red" Baer
Everyone knows me as Red.  I began crocheting too many years ago to keep track of.  My husband and I moved to Hillsboro, OH from southern California.  I started offering my hats in a local craft shop and met Robin.  We decided to open our own business and here we are!  It's my passion and obsession all at the same time.  I enjoy creating items that people love to wear.  I look at my work as pieces of textile art.  I want to encourage young people to pick up yarn and hooks/needles!